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This picturesque town will pay you to move to Italy.

Most people would pay good money for the chance to wind down in an idyllic Italian town nestled in the Alps, for many obvious reasons. Breathtaking views, traditional cuisine and idyllic small-town living. This dream could now easily be yours, if you move to the town of Locana, in Piedmont’s Gran Paradiso.

Dating back to 1185, Locana’s territory spreads across 132 square kilometers of the Gran Paradiso mountain reserve, making it a perfect spot for anyone with a love for the outdoors. Available activities include trekking, rock climbing, horseback riding, fishing, swimming, skiing and snowboarding during the winter, and so much more.

Traditional Alpine dwellings, made of stone and wood with typical pointed tile roofs and frescoed walls adorned with flowers, can be found everywhere. The valleys are filled with lush forests, historical chapels, farms, old mills and copper mines giving the area a perfect rustical ambience.

If this sounds like the place for you and your family, you’re in luck! The mayor of Locana, Giovanni Mattiet has now offered to pay up to 9,000€ (£7,800) to anyone moving here. The offer is viable for families with at least one child and a minimum annual income of 6,000€ (£5,200).

The offer was extended in an effort to revitalise the village and it’s community. In the last 100 years, Locana’s population has dramatically decreased from over 7000 residents to less than 1500 today, furthermore in accordance with its aging population the town saw 40 deaths compared to 10 births in the last year, with the local school facing the threat of closure due to the lack of pupils.

The mayor has expressed his hopes of attracting young people and families, who either work remotely or would be willing to transfer their businesses or open new ones in the village. Offering many of the closed shops, bars, restaurants and boutiques to new owners in order to reopen them and breathe new life into the village.

Mattiet said “I invite anyone interested to come see what a peaceful place this is, our untouched nature offers a detox and unplugged you can stay far from the madding crowd.” If you have the inclination to ditch hectic city life (or suburbia) and the desire to move to a picturesque little Italian village, with snowy peaks, flower-filled pastures, and endless wine-drenched afternoons, this may be the time for you.

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