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Terni, Umbria
€900.000 £775.800
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3 Bedrooms
2 Bathrooms
250 sq m

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Location: Terni, Umbria, Italy
An old postcard depicts it on the edge of the Marmore Fall and still stands there this superb Liberty villa that has the privilege of rising right where the triple jump of 165 meters of the Velino river is released in a jet that generates amazement among the rainbow color. The villa is enclosed by a private park that culminates in the balcony overlooking the waterfall. You can almost reach out a hand to touch it, a majestic spectacle of nature that is priceless and breathtaking with emotion. One of the windows on the upper floor of the villa looks out on to the scene of the waterfall with a fabulous view. You arrive in Marmore from Terni, going up from Papigno or, on the opposite side, from Rieti and Piediluco lake. The road stops at the gate of this majestic property, once inside you enter another Century. The villa, built at the beginning of the last Century by the entrepreneur Morandi, owner of the Plaza hotel in Piazza Tacito, to heal his son from consumption due to the good air he breathed in, maintains the atmosphere of the Twenties recalled by the piano of the time, the furnishings of Gozzanian memory, the oil paintings, the hearths and the splendid hexagonal floors at chromatic intervals repeating in each room. From the living room you can enter another living room and then into the study that preserves on the desk the ancient papers and the chessboard, another constant element that is renewed on the garden table, since the last owner, father of the current sellers, who had taken over the structure in the post-War period, he was a lover of chess and a lover of the garden, to the point of bringing the bulbs from Milan, from the firm of the Ingegnoli brothers, a still active firm. Next to the stately home opens what was once the home of the servants, now used as a kitchen with bathroom. From here one enters, also through an external door once used as an entrance to the stable, two large cellar rooms, where there is another fireplace and a convivial roast oven. You go up from an original staircase to the upper floor that houses the sleeping area, consisting of four bedrooms and a large bathroom. From the bedroom to the left of the corridor you can enjoy the spectacle of the waterfall from above in all its din. Outside there is also a garage and a large park planted with pines, holm oaks, oleanders and fragrant linden trees, with the path that runs along the Velino river up to the evocative waterfall.

The structure is solid but it needs renovation, while maintaining floors and rooms unaltered as when it was built a century ago.

Cascata delle Marmore (Marmore Falls) is a man-made waterfall created by the ancient Romans. Its total height is 165 m (541 feet). Marmore Waterfalls is a natural site of impressive beauty. Paths in the countryside, excursions, activities and a spectacular jump of Velino river are able to excite adults and children. It is in fact the highest waterfall in Italy, among the highest in all of Europe.
The overall height difference is divided into three jumps, made in succession by the waters of the Velino river. The progression of jumps creates an even more suggestive, almost unique, setting. Also because the white of the jet of the waterfall stands out even more thanks to the green in which it is immersed, part of the protected area of the Nera River Park.
In fact, the waterfall is immersed in the heart of the Valnerina, within the area of the Nera River Park. The Nera River Park includes an area of great environmental value as well as scenographic impact, which from Ferentillo reaches the Piediluco Lake and precisely the Cascata, following the course of the Velino and Nera rivers. The area covers over 2000 hectares, with a dense network of paths that crosses it totally, perfect for lovers of walks in the heart of the nature. For this reason, a visit to the waterfall is really a special experience: In addition to the beauty of the river jump itself, you can take advantage of a lot of sports activities, from rafting to canyoning. This place has its roots in the antiquity of Umbria, when the Romans entered into the lives of Umbrians and Etruscans who populated these lands. They brought with them the Roman civilization, already very advanced, founding cities, building roads, aqueducts, temples and villas. The Cascata delle Marmore fits precisely in this context: It is in fact an extraordinary engineering work of hydraulic arrangement due to the Romans.

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