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9th December 2019

Brazilians looking to buy a property in Italy

Brazil is a rapidly developing country. Increasingly, the very wealthiest are looking to invest in real estate...
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6th December 2019

Which Italian towns offer houses for sale for just €1?

Yes, it’s true: there really are Italian towns offering houses for as little as €1. They aren&rsquo...
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2nd December 2019

Moving to Sicily as an expat

A distinct island of intense culture and traditional roots, Sicily holds allure for many looking for a Mediter...
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29th November 2019

Russians living in Sicily

A Russian moving to Sicily to live is not unique. Indeed, there’s a growing population of Russians joini...
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27th November 2019

Dream of owning your own island? Now you can in sunny Sicily.

Ever dreamed of owning your own Italian private island? Now is the time to make that dream into reality. An ar...
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25th November 2019

Now is the time to buy real estate in Italy

The reasons for wanting to live in Italy are powerful: a wonderful climate, interesting history, exquisite foo...
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21st November 2019

Did you know you can get a house in Sicily for free?

No, this isn't some clickbait designed to lure you in with false promises. This is a genuine offer from Mayor...
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19th November 2019

Are there really homes for free in Sicily?

It's true: there are around 12 homes being offered for free in Cammarata, Sicily. This small mountain town is...
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12th November 2019

How to Buy a Property in Italy as a UK Citizen

It's daunting buying real estate in your home country. Therefore, it's no surprise that for many UK citizens b...
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