Architecture Services

WGS Real Estate provides architectural services around Europe in particular in London and Italy.

Our team works closely with our clients to design, create and curate the minimum detail of their dream’s house. Our highly experienced team offers the best solution, embarking on the entire project. 

The team consists of architects, structural engineers, and experienced architectural designers. WGS dedicated a high-value approach to each project, our face-to-face meeting talk through a step-by-step process, ensuring each client will meet the criteria of their dream’s house and making them happy of the results. This is a work that needs to be handled carefully adhering to planning permissions and building regulations.    

We can surely combine the best Architectural Design Services to offer our clients the best Package that suits their needs that typically comprised all the steps that we can offer, the clients can choose and combine to use any of the services that WGS Real Estate can provide when they need to.

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