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21st November 2019

Did you know you can get a house in Sicily for free?

No, this isn't some clickbait designed to lure you in with false promises. This is a genuine offer from Mayor...
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19th November 2019

Are there really homes for free in Sicily?

It's true: there are around 12 homes being offered for free in Cammarata, Sicily. This small mountain town is...
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12th November 2019

How to Buy a Property in Italy as a UK Citizen

It's daunting buying real estate in your home country. Therefore, it's no surprise that for many UK citizens b...
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7th November 2019

What does it cost to retire to Italy?

It’s no surprise that retiring to Italy is a dream for many. Relaxed culture, outstanding food and drink...
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1st November 2019

Is it possible to retire to Italy?

If you dream of retiring in the sun then you’ll think of Spain, Portugal or the South of France. Yet, th...
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8th August 2019

The newest town to join the € 1 house endeavour.

Buried in the province of Ticino, an Italian-speaking region in southern Switzerland, the town of Monti Sciaga...
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17th July 2019

Europe’s best emerging real estate markets

Although several European countries are still recovering from property and economic crises, international inve...
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6th June 2019

Retirement overseas? Italy, Spain and Portugal make it possible.

Retiring overseas might be for you if you’ve always dreamed of traveling but rarely or never had the tim...
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27th May 2019

An update on the Italian real estate market and predictions for the rest of 2019

The Italian real estate market is often frequented by buyers who are determined to invest, despite the current...
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