How to Buy a Property in Italy as a UK Citizen

How to Buy a Property in Italy as a UK Citizen

How to Buy a Property in Italy as a UK Citizen
It's daunting buying real estate in your home country. Therefore, it's no surprise that for many UK citizens buying property in Italy, it is fear of the unknown that puts them off.

Here is a list of everything you need to remember when buying a property in Italy.

The factors to consider when buying real estate in Italy

Property documents:

Your Italian legal team will help you here so choose one familiar with working with non-Italian nationals. You’ll need the Property Title, Permission of Building, Cadastral searches, Energy Performance Certificate (APE) and Legal Inspections.

Italian bank account:

It’s much easier to buy an Italian property, and subsequently go on to pay things like tax and utility bills, if you have an Italian bank account.

Codice Fiscale:

Very similar to the UK National Insurance number, this will help you access a whole range of services, and will be needed to open an Italian bank account.

Proposta irrevocabile d’acquisto (irrevocable purchase proposal):

This is a document drawn up by real estate agents which details things such as a cadastral, but also things such as the offer made and the deposit amount.

Preliminary contract of sale:

Next is the compromesso or preliminare di vendita, which is the preliminary contract of sale. In Italy this is a legally binding contract.

Final deed:

The rogito or atto pubblico di compravendita is the final deed which legally transfers the property from the owner to the buyer. At this stage, the balance is paid.

Italian real estate agents

Unlike in the UK, real estate agents do not work solely for one party in Italy. Therefore, both the buyer and the seller should benefit from a real estate agent and make use of their services and pay fees.

The right team to help

By choosing WGS Real Estate, you benefit from English-speaking and English-based real estate agents working in partnership with Italian legal teams and specialising in UK citizens buying in Italy.

Get in touch with us on +44 (0) 20 3137 5067 or and we’ll help you understand more about the Italy real estate market for those moving from the UK.

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